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Established in 1993, Aileen Music provides high quality & hand-made musical instruments to student and professional musicians all around the globe. As one of the leading instrument providers in the world with talented designers and craftsmen, Aileen supplies some of the finest instruments in guitars, ukuleles, violins, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, drums and more.

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Aileen has products available in markets across the globe sold by our trusted dealers. Business entrepreneurs with successful histories that are looking to represent a dependable and iconic brand are welcome to submit inquiries. Build a new business or expand an existing business by becoming an authorized retailer of Aileen musical instruments.

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We want to hear about your experience with our instruments; whenever you have played in class, during practice, at a public performance, while learning a new song or even when opening your new instrument for the first time. We cherish the music of all our talented musicians and want to hear you perform.