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The best place to store your instrument and accessories is inside one of our heavy-duty instrument cases, but it is also recommended to place your instrument somewhere cool and dark, like a closet, if it is not too humid or too dry.

Most teachers will measure students prior to any registration process, so be sure to follow their recommendation. You can also follow the guide below as a helpful general rule when getting the proper fit for your string instrument.


Arm Length Approx. Age Violin Size
14 – 15.375 inch 3-5 Years 1/16
15.375 – 17 inch 3-5 Years 1/10
17.0 – 17.5 inch 3-5 Years 1/8
17.6 – 20 inch 4-7 Years 1/4
20 – 22 inch 6-10 Years 1/2
22 – 23.5 inch 9-11 Years 3/4
23.5+ inch 9-Adult 4/4

Arm Length = Measure from the middle of the palm of the hand to the base of the neck with the arm fully extended outward.


Height Arm Length Finger Span Approx. Age Cello Size
Up to 4 ft 18 – 20 inch 3 – 4 inch 5-7 years 1/4
4 – 4.5 ft 20 – 22 inch 4 – 5 inch 7-11 years 1/2
4.5 – 5 ft 22 – 24 inch 5 – 6 inch 11-15 years 3/4
5+ ft 24+ inch 6+ inch 15 – Adult 4/4

Arm Length = Shoulder to the tip of the middle finger

Finger Span = Index to Pinky finger

The proper way is to turn the screw of your bow to the right approximately 3 to 4 complete turns, or until the hair is about a finger’s width away from the stick. You can also loosen it in the same way, about 3 to 4 complete turns to the left.

First thing is to make sure your rosin, if new, is scratched up on top. If it isn’t you can do this with some object like a key, scissor tip or an open paper clip. After scratching up the top, then you can rosin the bow with normal bow strokes across the rosin. Make sure not to rosin too much, or you’ll cover your instrument with dust. Use 5 to 10 strokes, but no more than 10 bow strokes should be necessary.

All Aileen Music, Winzz Guitars and Lexington instruments and products sold by an authorized dealer are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.  Please contact the dealer where the product was purchased at the first sign of a fault developing.  If necessary, the dealer will then contact Aileen Music to plan to have the product inspected.  Any defective components that qualify for coverage under this warranty will be repaired or replaced (at Aileen Music’s discretion) without charge.

See our warranty policy for more details. The warranty does not include the case, bow, or instrument parts subject to normal wear and tear such as the strings, bridge, fingerboard, or pegs. Scratches or damage to the finish are considered part of normal wear and are not covered under this warranty.  This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, accident, solvents, product modification, damage during shipment, or by repairs.

We offer full refunds for unopened and unused products, in their original packaging, in good condition returned to the online store or retail store in person or via a return shipment. A copy of your original receipt is required with the product in ALL cases. Follow the retailer or distributor’s return policy if you bought it online or from an authorized distributor location. All other return inquiries will be assessed at a minimum 15% restock fee, subject to inspection of the unit to be returned and at the discretion of management. Shipping charges will not be refunded for items shipped to you, or for rush delivery to the store. Returns are NOT accepted on the following items due to health and/or licensing regulations: harmonicas, mouthpieces, microphones, software, books, CDs, DVDs, strings, reeds, or special order items.

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