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We want to hear about your experience with our instruments; whenever you have played in class, during practice, at a public performance, while learning a new song or even when opening your new instrument for the first time. We cherish the music of all our talented musicians and want to hear you perform. Whether you’re the member of a band, a solo artist, or the member of an orchestra, spread your art with the world!

Share your musical and instrument experience on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by tagging your experience #Aileenmusic or #AILEENnation, and your post will be featured here on our website.

Tell Us About the Instrument You Use

We’ve put a lot of care into our instruments and love to see how different artists and musicians are using them. When you share your instrument with social media, please tell the world how your instrument has changed your playing. What do you like about it? How does it sound? Has it affected the way you play? Many of our instruments are uniquely handcrafted, meaning each one is different.

Tell us where your band finds inspiration in our products and, more importantly, how you achieve your sound. Musicians are important to us and your opinion matters. In building a bigger artist community, we can start creating better, more innovative instruments.

Show Us Where You Are Performing

We want to provide you with a platform to share your upcoming performances with the world. Using the #AILEENnation hashtag, post about your upcoming concert, gig or recital. Not only will you help get the word out with the fans, but with our entire global community of musicians. Be sure to include the details, including the date, time and venue. Your post will be displayed with the information on our website, sharing it with our customers around the globe.

The more you share with us, the bigger our community grows. Remember, we only supply the instruments; it’s up to you to bring the music to life.