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Each Aileen Brand Represents Excellence in Its Instrument Category
At Aileen Music Co., Ltd., we offer three unique brands for our wide range of music instruments: Aileen, Winzz and Lexington. Each one specializes in a different style of instrument, with focused expertise in their specific area. We believe in crafting the highest quality products for musicians everywhere, which means ensuring manufacturing excellence, craftsmanship and strict quality control. Each one of our brands is dedicated to serving artists from around the globe, improving techniques and expanding operations. From design to construction, our instruments are made for musicians looking to showcase their talent to the world.
Aileen Logo
Aileen was founded to create quality, affordable stringed instruments for musicians of all levels, novice to professional. Aileen’s mission is to develop and manufacture innovative products, borrowing from the rich history of handmade musical instruments. When it comes to something as delicate as a violin or cello, we pay careful attention to craftsmanship. Our dedication to providing the world with first class stringed instruments has allowed us to distribute to over 80 countries over the past two decades.
Winzz Logo

Founded in 2005, Winzz is our fretted instrument specialty brand. From beautiful, handcrafted guitars to tuneful ukuleles, each instrument is carefully constructed to offer the player the chance to sound their best. The finest quality materials are expertly chosen and wielded to create stunning products. Distinguished tonewoods such as cedar or rosewood. Combined with your talents, these fretted instruments become true works of art.

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Our Lexington line specializes in all things brass and woodwind. From flutes to saxophones, our expert manufacturers use some of the most advanced materials available, creating wonderfully resonant and tuneful instruments. Lexington is also committed to the fine tradition of making drums of the utmost quality and excellence, which are hand crafted by the finest skilled craftsmen. From drums to bongos, we have delved deep into tone and resonance, refining our techniques to solve longstanding mechanical issues in other manufacturing processes. As a result, you receive a unique instrument with a distinct sound all its own.