Dentists have known for years that the gentle strains of classical music or the mellow grooves of light jazz playing throughout the office actually helps ease anxiety for patients who suffer from a fear of the dental chair. That’s not all. It’s been proven that the impact of music can not only reduce anxiety, but actually relieve pain completely.

In 1960, a Boston dentist by the name of Wallace Gardner, reported that of the one thousand patients he tested, 65% of them claimed that their pain was completely relieved due to listening to music. Another twenty-five percent of those patients didn’t even need anesthesia for dental work!

Music therapy has also been found to be very beneficial to patients recovering from other kinds of surgery. Patients who listen to music during their recovery from surgery report less pain, a need for less medication, and felt better, as opposed to patients who don’t listen to music during their recovery at all.

But what if you just have a headache or are suffering from some minor pain? Can music help?

Absolutely! While listening to music doesn’t impact everyone the same way it can help lesson discomfort—-especially if it’s the kind of music you like! It doesn’t always have to be classical or light jazz. From country western to R&B, classic rock and heavy metal, if the music helps relieve your pain, turn it on, lay back and let the soothing sounds of healing relief begin!