Providing Music Instruments Since 1993

Over 20 years ago, our founders began collecting and trading high quality musical instruments, and have since expanded the business to the United States, China, Turkey, Australia and all across the globe. Each year, as the business grows, our selection of instruments increases. In the past decade, we have worked toward developing our newest innovative instrument designs that have led us to become one of the leading instrument providers in the World.

There is an Aileen instrument that is right for you!

Aileen believes that everyone, at any level of experience, should be able to access expertly crafted instruments and makes it a mission to provide the best quality for all levels.

Dedicated to providing the best sounding instruments, we deliver quality handcrafted instruments such as violins, guitars, flutes, drums and more. We currently hold four patents and are always looking to expand our product line to better serve all musician’s needs.

Our Brands
Aileen Logo
At Aileen, we provide top notch string and bow instruments to over 82 countries. Specializing in violins, violas, cellos and more, we offer products for entry-level beginners through experienced players. Our beautiful handcrafted instruments are constructed with the highest standards and materials. Our instruments let musicians of all skill levels refine their talents and offer a unique playing experience.
Winzz Logo

Winzz, our line of fretted musical instruments, emphasizes craftsmanship and innovation in every product manufactured. As a result, we offer some of the best sounding guitars available. We never sacrifice artistic integrity for a lesser quality instrument. Our guitar and ukulele products are designed with the player in mind. We offer beautiful classical, electro-acoustic, electric guitars and kits, constructed out of premium materials such as spruce, cedar, maple and mahogany.
Lexington Logo

Lexington is our line of distinctly crafted brass and woodwind instruments,
including trumpets, flutes, saxophones, clarinets and more. With each instrument, we take our time and expertise to develop better sounding horns, employing innovative ideas to classic design techniques. Lexington also delivers a classical line of durable and great sounding percussion instruments, including the drum, bongo and more. Each master artisan has devoted their passion and craftsmanship into creating the best drums and percussion instruments in the world. These instruments are made with quality hardware and a sturdy shell that is designed to produce a great sound quality every time.