Playing Music Comes With a Variety of Benefits

Research suggests that learning to play a musical instrument can boost brainpower. Music not only provides personal inspiration and confidence, but it benefits memory capacity, mathematical and motor skills, cognitive ability, and emotional skills. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider playing an instrument.

Improved Memory

Musical artists often have improved memory. Playing music involves a lot of information retention, including memorizing what notes you need to play or where your fingers need to go. This trains your brain and improves your memory capacity and cognitive skills.

Increased Creativity

Once you get past the beginning stages, you begin to naturally create your own music. Even if you never write an entire original piece of music, it’s easy to make variations on other pieces or come up with creative chord progressions. Whether you’re playing a lot of events or you’re in your room, learning an instrument allows you to expand your creativity.

Improved Mathematical Skills

Learning to play sequential compositions helps identify symmetries and patterns in the artist’s mind.  Playing music therefore helps create a sense of natural sequences and the ability to think ahead several steps and these are skills that apply to mathematical ability.  Therefore musicians often perform better in math!

Sense of Accomplishment

Mastering a new song creates a sense of accomplishment. Eventually you will be able to play a piece flawlessly that may have seemed impossible at first. That’s why regular practices and reviews are so important. Learning an instrument and mastering songs builds your confidence and encourages you to push yourself more.

It’s Really Fun

Learning a new instrument doesn’t have to be scary, it’s honestly fun. While there will be a learning curve and some frustrating moments, music is a wonderful world of entertainment. Playing music can cheer you up instantly. Once you’re comfortable with your instrument, you can play with friends. Whether you’re just having a casual jam session or you form a band, you enjoy friendships and connections in a new way.

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  1. Thanks for the information on how learning an instrument helps your information retention and can expand your creativity by allowing you to create variations on the pieces. In order to get the most out of your lessons, you’d probably want to ensure you have the right equipment, such as the instrument, a stand for your music, or anything else that could help you focus and use your creativity. You’d probably want to pay special attention to the instrument you choose and get professional advice from the workers at the store you go to, so you can find one that will be high-quality and durable.

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